Thursday, October 9, 2014

Silver Dragonfly Necklace

  • Large silver plated dragonfly
  • Faceted glass bead in color of your choice
  • Argentium sterling silver snake chain
Silver beauty you don't need to polish! The lovely silver plated butterfly is made and sealed by Tiffany Brass Co., which is known for its high quality. They recommend not polishing, as it can remove the protective coating.

Argentium sterling silver, which is what the snake chain necklace is made of, has 7% germanium in place of the 7% copper that is in usually in sterling, which is, by definition, .925 silver. It does not tarnish, and yet it is still genuinely sterling silver. ( The one seen here has been exposed to the air for several months!

The silver plated wire that holds the beads is also coated to prevent tarnish. The only part that might someday need the touch of a silver polishing cloth is the little silver plated beads. I didn't polish them for this photo.

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