Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Apoxie Sculpt Mismatched Earrings, Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Whimsical Style

wire wrapped earrings epoxy clay and glass
Resin clay and glass artwear for your ears.
To see more details and to purchase, click the image above.

  • Unique beads are hand painted resin clay (Apoxie Sculpt);
  • Sparkly faceted blue-green bead;
  • Mismatched whimsical style.

About Resin Clay:

Apoxie Sculpt, the brand I use, is a two-part air-dry resin clay. It is super hard when cured. Before its adoption into the jewelry-making world epoxy clay was created for automotive and plumbing repairs. It is, for all practical purposes, unbreakable! Apoxie Sculpt is formulated for sculpting and jewelry; I use black.

How to Purchase:

Click the image above to see if item is still available or to place a custom request.

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All my jewelry is for adults and children over age 14.

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